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Winding Roads

Your story is worth sharing.

I'm here to help.

How does it work?


1) Interview

The process begins with you sharing your story or concept with me. Depending on the scale of your project, this can involve anything from weekly phone calls to spending several days together, where I'll record our conversations.


2) Outline

If you do not have an outline already, I will then take all of our recorded interviews, transcribe them, and formulate an outline for your approval. Together, we'll agree on an outline and direction for your project, along with goals and deadlines.


3) Write

Collaboration unfolds differently for each client. I'll  adapt to your creative style, whether that involves ghostwriting, coaching, or some combination of both. Putting your story together can unfold in a way that is easiest and best for you.


4) Read and Edit

Formulating the first draft serves as an extension of the journalistic process. We will dive into the manuscript, color things in, fill in holes, and take the second draft to the next level so that you'll have a polished draft to take to an editor or publisher. It's almost time to share your book with the world.

Projects and Endorsements

What is it like to work with me?

"Stephen Copeland is the epitome of professionalism. He is an awesome guy who was a pleasure to work with on my book project.

He took what was good and made it great."

- Jason Romano, Sports Spectrum Podcast host and former producer at ESPN

"We are honored to have Stephen Copeland as the author for our book on parenting. Stephen has been the perfect fit to author our book. He works very hard and diligently, and he strives for excellence in his profession. He is an articulate, polite, informed, and motivated young man. More importantly than his career skills is the fact that Stephen is a great person. He is a person of high character. He has firm spiritual roots and has a genuine caring for others. We strongly believe that the Lord has put Stephen in our path, and we count this as one of our many blessings. We consider Stephen a member of our family. We thank him for being our author, and friend. He has made our life better!"
- Steve and Lorri Zeller (parents of Luke, Tyler and Cody Zeller)

"Putting Finally Free together was a long process, but Stephen came in with a fresh set of eyes and used his storytelling abilities to get my book through the finish line. I really enjoyed working with him, and he took the manuscript to a whole other level. He is a good listener and a talented storyteller. He brought my voice to life, and I couldn't have been more pleased with the final product."

-Michael Vick, former quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons and Philadelphia Eagles

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with Stephen. He did an awesome job on my book Fight! Fight!, and he is a super young man. I’ve treasured working with Stephen, and it’s been a delight getting to know him. Every conversation with him is comfortable, allowing me the opportunity to share information and in turn, he’s able to express my thoughts in a special way. He learned my heart and clearly articulated my feelings. His writing always leaves you spellbound, on the edge of your seat and unable to put the book down.”  
-Sylvia Hatchell, head women’s basketball coach at UNC-Chapel Hill, NCAA Hall of Fame

"The thoughts I had in mind about my autobiography were extremely convoluted. Their was a lot that I had to say, but it needed to be worded in a way that could tell my story the way I wanted it to be told. Steve did a fabulous job of shaping my thoughts into a book form which has turned out to be exactly what I wanted. After multiple changes and having a ton of patience, it was worth it in the end because it's now exactly what it should be...TRUTH!"

-Kordell Stewart, former quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers

"Gifted writers can translate the depth of ideas and memories into the stories that enrich our lives. Stephen Copeland is the gifted writer that we selected to help tell the valuable story of The Jersey Effect, Beyond The World Championship."
- Darrin Gray, director of partnerships at All Pro Dad
"What I appreciate about Stephen with his writing is his servant heart and his desire to serve others through his storytelling ability. The many book projects he has been a part of are a testament to his ability to not only write incredibly well but to earn the trust from those who desire to tell a story knowing Stephen is going to invest part of his life into the project."
- Chad Briscoe, athletic director at Grace College and Seminary

"Steve's passion, along with his drive, great work ethic and talent, is why I enjoy working with Steve. He displays all of those characteristics whether he's helping proof a magazine, write a column (I enjoy reading his columns because he can be either light-hearted or deep), do layout and design, write devotionals, or helping post tweets or work with our web designer. I could go on and talk about his ability to write books and his willingness to do so much more. I am grateful and thankful that I can work with Steve and I'm thankful that Steve sees that God-gifted talent and wants to use it in the ways he does."
- Brett Honeycutt, former managing editor at Sports Spectrum Magazine

"Several years ago, Stephen Copeland called me from Sports Spectrum asking several questions about my life since my Baylor indiscretion; in particular, how I felt about the success that Baylor Men’s Basketball was having. While on the surface this might seem to be an unusual way to start a friendship, especially because of our age difference, the apparent sensitivity that Stephen exhibited during this period set the stage for my decision to ask him to help write my book. In the year and a half that we combined efforts on “Fall to Grace,” I couldn’t have had a better advocate. His help and guidance proved invaluable and, although we are generations apart by age, he is my great friend in Christ. Stephen has been a reflection of God’s continued grace in my life."

- Dave Bliss, former men's NCAA Division I basketball coach

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