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St. Anthony Messenger: Sisters to Brother Wolf

Nicole Rogers had just moved into a red barn house in the rural town of Montgomery, Texas. It was nightfall. Nestled in towering pines, wildlife, and a creek that opens into a lake, Nicole would describe her home as a safe haven.

But not on this evening. An intensifying chorus of howls made her think her house was surrounded by wolves. She hollered for her sixth-grade daughter to come quickly inside.

Since when did Texas have wolves?

The next morning Nicole introduced herself to her neighbor, “Hey, we just moved in, and last night it sounded like there was a pack of wolves around here.”

“It is a pack of wolves,” her neighbor confirmed. “When the wind blows this way, you can hear all the wolves across the lake at the Saint Francis Wolf Sanctuary...”

Click here to finish reading my feature story about the St. Francis Wolf Sanctuary in the October 2022 issue of the St. Anthony Messenger.


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