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Franciscan Media: Adopting a Contemplative Mantra

“God has no rivals, and therefore as a child of God, neither do I,” the monk taught. I was on retreat attending a class at Saint Meinrad Archabbey—a Benedictine monastery in southern Indiana—taught by Father Adrian Burke, OSB. “I have no rivals,” he repeated.

He said the statement was one of his mantras. It is a good thing, I think, to adopt monk mantras. I thought I might try to adopt the monk mantra.

When I thought of the word “rival,” I thought of someone in opposition, someone who I was supposed to hate or conquer or perhaps prove wrong. You know, Game of Thrones type stuff…or the tension between superheroes and villains…or two politicians slinging mud at each other on a debate stage. I did not have many rivals, I felt. Not in this sense. Whereas some have a natural distrust for others, I perhaps trust others too much. I really had no desire to conquer anyone, that is, unless the Chicago Cubs were playing the Milwaukee Brewers. Hating and conquering and destroying the Brewers was quite okay...

This blog was first published on Franciscan Spirit. You can read the rest of the blog entry HERE.

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