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Franciscan Media: Our Return to Holy Saturday

Now that Lent has long passed, and Easter celebrations have ended, we return to Holy Saturday, the space in which most of our mental, emotional, and spiritual lives unfold. On summer’s doorstep, in the wake of seeing the earth bloom to life, we are reminded of the coming dryness. It’s in the mystery of Holy Saturday—between the despair of Good Friday and the hope of Easter Sunday—that we experience an accurate picture of reality: one that is broken but also beautiful; one that is sometimes marked by loneliness and loss but is also woven with love; one where there is darkness yet also divine discovery. As Father James Martin writes in America magazine, “Most of our lives are spent in Holy Saturday. In other words, most of our days are not filled with the unbearable pain of a Good Friday. Nor are they suffused with the unbelievable joy of an Easter. Some days are indeed times of great pain and some are of great joy, but most are…in between...”

This blog was first published on Franciscan Spirit. You can read the rest of the blog entry HERE.

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