Where the Colors Blend Sample Chapter (Chapter 1: The First Drive)

Below is the first chapter of 'Where the Colors Blend: An Authentic Journey Through Spiritual Doubt and Despair ... and a Beautiful Arrival at Hope.' If the SoundCloud player isn't displaying, you can click HERE to listen to the chapter read aloud.

Am I in the right place?

Did I make the right decision?

I don’t know.

I already miss Winona Lake, Indiana, with its brisk falls and white winters, and all the professors and students walking through Grace College’s campus in coats and scarves with cold noses and cherry cheeks, past the brick buildings with snow-covered roofs and the bell tower tolling of your tardiness. My best friend, Josh, and I once broke into the bell tower as undergraduates, a very undergraduate thing to do, only to find there was no bell at all, which made us want to find the hidden disk-changer and swap the hymnal bell music with an album of some profane punk band that sang about getting high and pleasuring themselves and hating George W. Bush, which we never did, thank goodness, because we might have been expelled—since the college was also a seminary and since Christians, by and large, are fond of George W. Bush.

There was a magic, a romance, to those