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Poem: Osiris

It's okay that you move slow. That makes you different and precious. It's okay that you're inexperienced. Your innocence is beautiful and a gift. It's okay that you feel betrayed. Your wound helps you to create. It's okay that you are broken. Your brokenness helps your heart break for others. It's okay that you feel lost. You must first be lost to experience the hope and thrill of being found. It's okay that no one understands. Your complexities help you to listen and understand others. It's okay that there is death and agony within. He who loses his life will find it. Your insecurities are strengths. Your fears are opportunities. Your angst is to be engaged. Your loneliness is your dance floor. Your inner monk and artist are knocking on your door. Your wound is where the Cosmic Christ makes his home.

By Stephen Copeland

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