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Anyone who knows me also know how much I love to bike around the city. I fell in love with city living several years ago and have not looked back. I love hopping on my bike and going to my favorite coffeeshop or brewery to write and to work. I love exploring the different trails and streets and discovering the most efficient routes. I love not usin...

I believe all of life is sacred. Each patch of grass, rocky path, piece of tile, sandy shore, carpet square, clunk of dirt, grocery aisle, country road, hardwood court, kitchen tile, cubicle floor, sidewalk bend, and city street beneath your feet can be holy ground, if you dare to believe it is so, if you dare to see with holy eyes.

That includes ev...

“God has no rivals, and therefore as a child of God, neither do I,” the monk taught. I was on retreat attending a class at Saint Meinrad Archabbey—a Benedictine monastery in southern Indiana—taught by Father Adrian Burke, OSB. “I have no rivals,” he repeated.

He said the statement was one of his mantras. It is a good thing, I think, to adopt monk m...

Now that Lent has long passed, and Easter celebrations have ended, we return to Holy Saturday, the space in which most of our mental, emotional, and spiritual lives unfold. On summer’s doorstep, in the wake of seeing the earth bloom to life, we are reminded of the coming dryness.

It’s in the mystery of Holy Saturday—between the despair of Good Fri...

"Many confusions in the doctrine of God and many apologetic weaknesses could be avoided if God were understood first of all as being-itself or as the ground of being.” -Paul Tillich

The sixth thing to do if you want to catch God in a butterfly net is turn God into an object or being, meaning God is a something, somewhere; which is not to say God c...

One of the core concepts that draws me to Christianity and inspires my spiritual walk today is its integration of both fullness and emptiness, a theme that is on full display during the Lenten season. We find fullness in the metaphor of baptism and emptiness in the proverbial wilderness.

As Vatican Council II stated, “the two elements which are esp...

“Unless we are able to view things in terms of how they originate, how they are to return to their end, and how God shines forth in them, we will not be able to understand.”

-St. Bonaventure

The fifth thing to do if you want to kill the butterfly you have caught in your net is to elevate Jesus over the Trinity, and, in doing so, rip the Son out of...

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From Catholicism to evangelicalism to a Christian spirituality today that is rooted in union and contemplation, my faith journey has been just that: a journey, sometimes scarring but also beautiful.


I write about intriguing stories, life, art, and spirituality. I love writing about what I'm learning—whether it's from a book, an experience, or a person

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